Monday, August 06, 2007

Wisdom Tooth or the Tooth of Wisdom?

Wisdom Tooth, that's what's growing inside of me. That little buddy down the end of the line of my lower teeth kept me wide awake for the whole night last night. He's growing, I can feel the tiny beat there, where my heart is pumping blood and carrying all the nutrients down to there.

Wisdom tooth, are people too dump so they need a wisdom tooth to help them get smart? or are we just so smart so that God need to label us with the teeth of wisdom.

I had my bulb broken again in my living room, so all that I can do during the night is just coding and writing blog post on my laptop.

I was so laid this morning that I was on the edge of canceling the roller coaster right with Vanessa, I even scratched the email, and something inside me just pulled me back from clicking that send button. I just don't wanna waste the whole day and some other day in the future together with the image that I've been keeping onto since the very beginning. Be a man, down that, hit it hard. I'm not regretting deleting the email and going down there. I showed Guts! Despite of a inflamed throat and a growing Wisdom Tooth. Maybe that really gave me wisdom when cracking the roller coaster down. Anyway on the other hand, I just don't even give a fuck. Maybe all about this is bull shit in the end. After all this, set your heart free, write some code that you really want, and stick to it.


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