Sunday, July 22, 2007


I had a really horrifying dream last night.
I killed a girl, cut off her arms, ate them and hide the remaining of her body in the bush. I went there several times during mid night, dig the corpse out, ate it and put it back. (Pretty much the same as eating the FULAIDO CHIKEN that I bought the other day.) The remain was discovered by a blind old man. When I got off work, there were police cars parking around the hiding place. The Japanese police started to investigate. Police patrols were everywhere in the street trying to hunt down the murder. There were blood on the playground, neighbors reporting abnormal people to the police officer. I was hiding in the dark, trying not to be discovered. My biggest fear was the cell phone. Tracing the email and call records, the police can easily spot me. But why it did not happen.
I woke up 11:30 in the morning, couldn't feel anything below my knees...


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