Saturday, July 21, 2007

iPod and the homemade couch

My black 30G iPod video together with the new Panasonic ear phone finally got shipped in yesterday afternoon. After a month internet shopping and 5 days' waiting, it's the last good thing that I can have. Still trying to get used to the click wheel interface. But I think that's a pretty brilliant idea. All the play, forward, backward keys are replaced by just a sleeky simple round click wheel.

Well, gave myself a little break during the weekends. Last night we played several rounds of tennis. And this morning, I made myself a simply sofa which is just a new combination of my bed. It can be called my cotton transformer. Sitting on it in the corner of the room and writing this blog post on my laptop is just a nice feeling.

Hit the local supermarket just now. The new supermarket, named Food One, closes insanely early during the night, around 21:00. That when I'm still crouching in my cubicle during the weekdays. Fired Chicken was my main target, alongside with soda, milk, orange juice and vegis. Forget about obesity, life is just so damn short.


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