Friday, July 20, 2007

Lost of words

I just can't figure out why other people have so many things to talk about. I can't even strike out a conversation with my OJT during a ride down in the elevator. I started to jog during the night, I thought I've been thinking of talking about this here like a week ago. And after the 3 miles running, I'll sit down to have a pack of the smelly bean and a peice of galic. That's the most smelly moment of the day. Recently kicking my ass off doing something crazy and having all the coding fun. I was interrupted by an email titled "Leaving Guidence", I was there, stopped for 3 minutes there, trying to pick up where I left in the code. I was trying to presaude myself into accepting the fact that I've spent most of the time here. And I got to prepare myself for the mass that I've left behind.


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