Saturday, August 04, 2007

My Concentration Problem

My Concentration Problem
I found that I'm having a serious concentration problem when working at home. Especially when I'm alone in the house, or staying at home with my wife. When I stay all by myself, I can't sit in my chair for more than half an hour before I jump up and grab a cup of drink or some snacks and staring at TV for awhile. However, when staying at home with my honey, I just kept getting interrupted by her and myself. I couldn't help strike up a conversation most of which are under boring topics. However, when I spend my day in the office, classroom, or even a relatively noisy coffee place, my productivity is higer. I can sit there all day writing code, blog, or reading all day long. Is working from home just a fantasy to me? Or is it just pyscologically and physically impossible? Is this happening to everybody else or is it just happening to me? I've come across a report in BizWeek last year, it was the report about rental office space for personals in the States. So this might be a common problem for sohos.

Again in the same coffee place as yesterday. I've been keeping coming out to this shop during the past holidays. I come here so often that when I stepped into the door way, the shop clerk started to smile at me. Althought they smile to every customer comes into sight, that smile was different. It just felt like meeting an acquientance.
I woke up this morning, finding my teeth aching like hell. The ending part of my jaw is not doing a good job. So I spent most of the daytime resting myself and on Die Hard 4.0, seeming totally out of the pre-exam syndrone. Suddenly lost all my thoughts.


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