Sunday, August 19, 2007


I can't even figure out what's the date today. I only slept for 6 hours for the past two days.
Right after passing my birthday or we'd rather say birth time, everything started to fall apart. First is the diagnoise of cancer, then comes the rejection letter, and this morning when I get myself prepared for the guidence session, I couldn't find my seal which is supposed to be used during the guidence session. Is it the so called "BenMingNian" in Chinese. I wish that I can get pass through this year with everything on track. I couldn't sleep after 1 in the morning, maybe caused by the anxiety that has been with me after the 3rd round of interview. Several hours later I hopped on an early train and get to the training center, early. It was really early, or too early to find an open cafe to have a quick coffein fix. Even the Big Mc is not open! Finally settle myself with another Mc down the corner. And then comes the fact that I can't get in to the office... It was really kinda early.


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