Monday, April 02, 2007

Stop 1: Yasukuni Jinja 靖国神社

After losing myself in Shinjuku Station and failing to find the local train heading for Mejijingu, I decided to visit Yasukuni Jinja first.

With all the Cherry blossom right above head, holding the board for the whole day could top the list of the most boring job of the day.
Old Eki-in holding the board

After a ride on 2 metro lines and a 10 mins walk I saw the gate of the Jinja in the mist of a bazaar.
The gate of the Jinja from Afar

There was no sign indicating any political controversy. Neither can the right-wing black vans be found around the place. Maybe they are busy enjoying the Cherry Blossom season. To my surprise I found 3 big buses carrying nearly 200 Chinese to the gate. With the political environment getting stable, our fear of persecution vanished.

Sculpture standing in front of the gate

Well, I'm not of those who cares about politics. Sakura and the Tatemono were my targets. Tried my best to keep my Camera off the chaotic bazaar and politic related stuff.
Inside the garden: Sakura and the Japanese lamppost


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