Saturday, March 24, 2007

Small Japanese Isagaya

Went to a small traditional Japanese drinking bar in Hon-Atsugi with my OJT yesterday afterwork. The bar is so tiny that it only has less then 20 seats. And you have to watch out your but when heading to the bathroom, other wise you may accidently hit your neighboring table's sashimi off to the ground.
What's interesting is that
  • they don't give menus to their customer, instead the menu are just pasted all over the wall.
  • There was a waiter who I first thought as a waitress. All waiters & waitress, men & women, were wearing traditional Japanese cloth and a pair of rubber boots, which is insanely dirty. They look pretty much like fisherman.
  • No non-smoking area, Just feel free to smoke.
  • They do drink a lot. I saw 2 young Salarymen sitting at the next table finish 2 bottles of Nihhon Sake in less than 30 mins.
  • The floor is sticky and slippery, which really reminds me of the small restaurant lining up a the back gate of ECNU.
Anyway, that's so typical Japanese Life style, though may be a bit old. But I just love the place, you feel so relaxed. Free to smoke, Free to get drunk, Free to talk loud, Free to laugh like an ass. What's better then that.


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