Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Time's like flying by

Everyday's like flying by. I'll go to Tokyo to visit the new HORK3 system in Akasaka headquater and attend a Japan Domestic Academic conference in the afternoon. Though even till now, I still have no idea about what is HORK, and why Fuji Xerox should behind this.
Here are the reasons holding me from accepting HORK:
  • it can be simply replaced by a really powerful computer with inhanced display. Currently there are way cheaper hardware and software solutions to achieve this.
  • The performance of the current version of HORK is far from pleasant. The only thing that you can do with the system is to drag the mouse from one computer to the other one which is interconnected with the cable line.
  • You can migerate data among those PCs, neither can you distribute computing tasks among those computers.
Let's face the problems here:
  • The whole thing HORK does not have any clear aim. Neither to say any marketing plan or biz goal.
I think before this team move anything further forward, all the team members should be able to answer the following questions:
  • What is the difference between HORK and a really powerful computer with mutiple displays or even a bunch of seperate computers at hand?
  • What benefit can we get from using HORK other than conventional systems?
  • What's the learning curve of using the system? Compared to the benefit we get from changing current system and work style is it worth while?
Some of my ideas,

Something More And HOME
Since the system is named HORK, which means the combination of Home and work, we can really make it to be the future of Home entertainment and Working Environment.
We can focus more on Home entertainment, while gaints like Intel & Microsoft have already shown their ambitions in the field with the newly released Vista's Home Entertaining enhancement on the Intel VIIV platform.

Computing in the Environment - Going Ubiquitous
The new concept behind HORK is actually the new working style. (Something still not sure about for the moment, especially what's the difference between the current working style.) Some of the ideas behind Hork is quite similar to the concept of Ubiquitous computing. HORK would like to make the user feel that


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