Friday, February 09, 2007

After THE Japanese Exam

We had a pretty easy but somehow really formal Japanese exam today.
Gotta take a break for a little while. Put that Japanese book aside and run some games with guys here..:)
Anticipating for the coming 3 day holiday. I've been in the sleepy state for too long a time, need more bedtime.....

Valentine's coming...

It's weired that in Japan here only girls send out chocolates on the day. And women even send chocolate (which they call "GiLi") to male colleagues. It's lucky to be a MALE Japanese.

Japanese have another White Valentine on March 14th when Boys gotta send something back to the girls.

I guest I'll just chow a bite of the cheapest Meji Chocolate bar in my dorm alone and browsing through the photo folder and think about those good old days back at home.


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