Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Damn Mosquito

I was waked up by a damn small mosquito around 3 o'clock this morning. Can't fall asleep than. Trying to find the dude by ended up in vain.
The only thing I can do is opening the window to let the cold air blowing in and sleeping my head down by the window and turning on the light in the bathroom to lure it to the other side of the room.
p.s. I just found him and killed him.
Temperature's getting back on high, bugs coming out again. Need to Get ready for the coming summer.
Got up early this morning to catch the 8:00 shuttle. Getting up early makes me feel really cool. Cuz you've got the whole morning to do something meaningful. However, skipping breakfast make the last morning hour unbearable.

The afternoon is still the hardest time. With the fever and the dizziness, I just can't ..... zzz zzz...


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