Monday, March 26, 2007

Life is a game

Life is a game, Let's enjoy.

Having a fever right now. It came out of nowhere. (Used this phrase for too many times)
May be my half hour nudity after shower;
May be trying to work out my final dissertation with my Jerk Prof. and all the anxiety caused by it;
May be having lunch too late on Saturday and going to bed the next morning.

Contacted my Prof. 2 hours ago. Same old fucking stuff. Maybe "Later" is hard coded into his ROM. Anyway gotta work him out in the CHINESE way!

Still can get GeoReview working on Cell phone. I downloaded the OpenWare simulator. Though everything's fine in the simulator, all the dynamic generated content just vanished! What a Crap.
(Too many dirty words...)

Nothing exceptional except that I came home early in the afternoon. Took a nap from 4:35 to 5:40 cuz I was really feeling dizzy.
Ohh, I finally got the cover of the bulb in the bathroom open. And succeeded in changing the light there. Don't have to worry about touching which part of the body while showering.
Still a hard day to go tomorrow. Whatever, Life's just a game, enjoy it.

Check out my dinner: Orange Juice, Fired Spaghetti with Lettice and Onion, Chicken Nuggets with Carrot Slices

Need a good shave


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