Sunday, April 01, 2007

Flower And People : One Day Trip to Tokyo

Too Tired to write anything, just note down the route here. I'll come back sometime when I can feel my legs again.

I set out around 8:30 this morning.

8:35 Bought the Tokyo Metro Free Pass
Odakyu Line to Shinjuku
Marunouchi Line to Akasaka-mitsuke
Change to Hanzonmen Line to Kudanshita
Walked for 10 minutes and arrived at Yashukuni Jinja.
Later went to the near by Kitanomaru-koen

Took the Hanzonmen Line again and continued to Otemaqi station.
Walked for 20 minutes and reached the Imperial Palace.
Asked a French guy to help taking a picture of me and the bridge. However the picture was...

Walked to Hibiya Station to take the Chiyoda Line and six stations later, Got off at the YuShima station, which is only 5 minutes walking away from Ueno Koen.
Later took the Chiyoda line again and got off at MejiJinGoMea. Asked by 2 Japanese Oldman to take a picture in front of the entrence.
Spent the afternoon at MejiJinGo and Yoyogi Koen which is just right by the Jinja.

Took the Marunouchi Lane again planning to hit Tokyo Tower during dawn. However in the wrong direction. Anyway just took 3 stops more to go to Ginza and visit Apple Flagship shop and the Kabuki Thearter there.

Went to Tokyo Tower after the Ginza tour. Had meal at the small Japanese shop which by the way is the cheapest :...(
Spent sometime finding the Tower, Cuz I was walking in the wrong direction and went back from a route which is sth. like 1km further.
Met a Swedish couple while I was resting down by the tower.

The went back to Shinjuku wsihing to check out the Kibuki-cho. Getting lost when I stepped into the buiset train station of Japan. So spent 20 minutes more trying to find out how to go to the east side of the station from the west side with a young couple from South Africa who had asian faces. They were looking for their hotel which is at the corner of the Kibuki-cho. (The girl was really hot :) Kidding...)

Then Odakyu Line..... Tsurumaki Onsen.... Home..... Blog....................................................


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