Wednesday, March 28, 2007

On the Ground & Samurai Spirit

Still sleeping on the floor, Just don't wanna climb up there and sleep in the hole like some cave people.
Tomorrow will be nice weather. UMmmm.....

Tomorrow there will be a Team Review since it's the end of the fiscal year here in Japan, so everyone is crazily busy these day leaving me aside and playing all alone by myself. Actually I've been working all by myself ever since arriving here.
Maybe tomorrow's Team Review will be a good chance for me to know what other team members are doing. Since we don't have many chances to communicate with each other in the team. However, I may get confused because everything is said and done in Japanese.

Everytime I asked people here why when I found out that there may be something going wrong e.g the lack of communication stuff, the no hi stuff down in the aisle, the answer would always be like "Wow, You know this is the Japanese way."; "Japanese do things like that". What the hell is that, we can't change?? Just like several hundred years ago Japanese learnt from the west. If we can make things better why not venture a change. Maybe we need more Samurai Spirit!

I came across this on BusinessWeek last week:


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