Sunday, April 15, 2007

Had a new hair cut today

Just come up here to report on the things that I've done over the weekend.
I got up around 11 Saturday and cleaned the house in the morning, after some light reading in the afternoon I hit the local supermarket. I somehow made a mistake buying a kind of half cooked chicken which is dressed with pepper. It tastes so weired. I swear that I'll never touch that again.
Well still stick to bread and noodles for weekends, since I've never used the rice cooking machine left from our predecessor and never planning on using them, cuz they are just DAMN dirty!

11 o'clock Sunday noon I got up.
Finished up the chicken with 2 slices of bread and a small piece of chocolate.
Well, I then went to the QB house at TokaiDaigaku-mae station to have a hair cut.
They used vaccum cleaner after the cut. It was so powerful that I felt it would suck my head into it. It was so loud, I can't hear anything when the barber was holding it near my ear. 10s more, I'll become deaf.
After that I found some place near the Hadano station to read my "Ace Your Case" guide. The case interviews seem to be easy, but when I tried to do it myself, it just became so mean...
Feel that I need to get to know more frameworks and find a partner to do some mock interviews.

Back in the dorm in the night, put on my suit and rehearsed the mid-term presentation, a bit out of control of time. Need to cut something out and focusing on the most important part.


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