Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Using crappy software is like attending a chain of surprise parties

Just can't help writing this down. I'm having enough!!

Been dealing with this crappy software for like 6 months. Everyday when I get off work, I just feel it's another day of my life wasted.

Some of the surprises:
  1. "Your session is timeout, Please ReLogin." That creative developer cooked the term "ReLogin"... it's not even a frigging word! and this passed QA and get to Production.
  2. Oh, forgot to mention this is a "Web" application that ONLY works in IE, and plus not all IE versions, if you use IE6, there will be bugs like the hovering control appears when you move your mouse away :) (Surprise!?) so you'll almost can never click on the hovering control. And the FIX is, and here comes the great part, upgrade your browser to IE8. (Surprise!?)
  3. The server side is made of couple of web applications that are written in old ASP+COM, ASP.net. Code is compiled and wrapped up in dlls, so I went in and try to appreciate the page code. And look what I've found


  4. and there's a service installed with the software that is used to refresh the cache during the night. (we configure it to run during the night) This service needs to refresh a cache that is extracted from a table in MSSQL that has more than 100 millions records. and this amazing service just takes everything into memory from the database and then flesh it into disk... and the consequence, our server is dead... "Windows is running out of Virtual Memory" and when the memory footprint of this service reaches 2G, .net shut the process down.
  5. Modal Dialog that is administrator signin required won't go away if you keep it open and click the sign out button.
  6. Rendering: The resolution is set to the browser window size when you first log in. if you resize the browser, nothing is synced, you have to sign out and sign in again to re-render your view.
  7. Hidden value: just because the listbox is too narrow and you can only see the first 10 characters of the values that you input. and there's no horizontal scroll bar. This is Ok when you have only 5-10 simple values, but if your project grows and you start using prefix, long prefix, you'll have to guess what parameter you are selecting...


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