Monday, December 10, 2007

Got it

Haven't posted anything on here for long, [posting at blogspot whiling living behind the great fire wall is indeed not a good experience].
Well, I've got several job offers for the past 2 month. SAP, DOW IT, and a small start-up called Eike Consulting. Well I chose SAP at last and will start working from Jan 21st 2008.
And I didn't go to Australia to attend OZCHI 2007, out of financial reasons.
Still haven't settled down on my short note paper back at school, well hopefully I will finish writing it by the end of today.
And I was picked to submit my final thesis for a blind review and I have to submit my paper before 27th Dec. Not long to go. And my paper is still a mass...
What's more is that the math exam is also gonna drop in the next several weeks...
Well, a whole dame a lot to do here. Just wish me good luck and I can get all these done.
God bless me...


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