Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Posting again

Back to here again.
God, it feels so good to see blogspot running in my web browser and redirecting me to my blog.

Well, I got something to report here.
Good News: My paper for OZCHI will be indexed by ACM.
Bad news:
1. I can't find anyone to sponsor my trip to Australia to present my paper there.
2. This paper would do any good to my graduation from school, I have to write another paper for the proceedings of a conference or even a journal in a very short period of time say 1 month, in a field that I just started surveying like a month ago.
3. Still no threads on the job hunting biz. But anyway I would still want to stick to what I have always been thinking of and try to find out what I can be really into and passionate about.
4. Youtube is still blocked here in China.
5. Blogspot is still blocked, so I can't even preview my own blog when I'm writing it. Censorship is the biggest evil!
6. Even is down


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