Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Last night, the NHK people came again for the TV fee.
It's funny that we are asked to pay for like 1360 yan every 2 month for only 2 channels.
So to scare these people off, I've pasted a note on my door which reads:
A:"What do you come here for?"
B:"e -- do--, NHK...." (e--do-- is something that Japanese people always like to say, it;s like "uhmm")
A:"Dude, U gotta be kidding me. I can't even understand a single Japanese character. You can just simply take my TV away... I don't even need that..."

I overslept this morning. Got up around 8 and hurried to the railway station after a cup of milk and some bread.
The weather's been nice these days. After the rain on weekends, it's be clear and shiny. The Japanese people call it "小春日和".
My OJT's finally back in office today. Actually I've only been working with him for like a day. The FDO's afternoon, during which we spent all the time setting up the PC and helping him move stuff from 5F to 4F; and the morning of last Thursday, when we are supposed to have a medical check in Tokyo in the afternoon.
I've been reading papers and a US patent during these days, and learning C sharp by writing a small piece of software.
And I'm a little depressed to learn that besides the US patent, all other materials & docs related to research are in Japanese. That's gonna kill me.

Oh By the way, i used the company toilet again this morning. Feels SOO Cool.


Anonymous annie said...

missing you.

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