Sunday, November 19, 2006

We had Japanese Class every Friday. We were asked to write a small essay using Japanese. This is so hard, but rewarding, this is actually the most effective way to learn a foreign language. Since you need to think about how to use the grammar, the sentence patterns together with the new vocabulary.
However, my Japanese still sucks! It seems like me and the language are in some parellal universe. There'll be no intersections...

After the whole day class, all of the 10 VFP members headed to a small Chain Noodle shop where a Chinese servant works near Sobudaimai. The guy comes from FuQing City of Fujian Province. A place famous for stowaways. I ate up the 290yan Noodle in good time and still felt a little bit hungry.

Later on was the visit to other 4's dorm.
The distance between their dorm and the rail station is a little longer than ours, it took about 12 mins. But the place is more civilized than ours. At least they can find somewhere to eat after work...
Their kitchen is bigger than ours. But they don't have porch over the door. Unlucky dudes! Think about was may happen in Summer Rainny Seasons...
These are actually the only comments.

After several rounds of Killer Game or someone may call it "Mafia", we went back to Tsurumaki Onsen. We dropped by at a supermarket call "food garden" hoping to get some food on discount. But when we arrived there, the store is closed. There was only a clerk arranging the shelf. He was definitly scared by this crowd of Chinese people at the door during late night.

It was 9:45 when we got back to Tsurumaki Onsen Station. The ticket office was closed. So My hangers didn't get back.

It's not so easy to past the weekend all alone.
But it's lucky that 6 of us live at the same place. We actually formed a mini-Chinatown. Otherwise, I would probably kill myself over weekends.

There are lots of Haccos & Jaccos (crows) flying in the sky.


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