Monday, November 20, 2006

There was heavy rain fall last night. Since i live at the east south corner of the house, rain drops could hit my window directly. The sound was so loud and scary, and it kept me awake for a long time before i could finally fell asleep.

7:30 in the morning, i got up. Thrilled to find it shinny, however, depressed to feel that my teeth still aches. It hurts when i chowed my Bak'N'Bread.

When I got everything ready and opened the door, a stream of rain came running through. Oh, dear God! This is actually something that should happen to the "Sobudaimai" Guys.

The moment when i arrived at the station, a train was pulling off. I dragged my clumsy body to get across the overhead to the platform on the opposite side. Woow! Luck that i caught it.

I was wearing a black T-shirt inside. (The "That's the most Beautiful there" one.) It sends out a werid smell after sorbbing my sweat. I took it off when I arrived at Office. It should be "That's the most SMELLY there" for the moment.


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