Sunday, January 07, 2007

Something funny on TV

Came accross an interview of Kissinger over the Japanese TV network after getting back from ToKai U. Shocked to find that the Japanese Host was speaking English. (... which is btw very hard to understand.)
The interview was about Japanese foreign policy and its bi-literal relationship with China and Russia; the marco-political environment in Asia; North Korea nuclear weapon.
Here's some of the questions rasied by the Host:
  • Will there be any major organized armed insurgence in China in 2007?
  • Japan and Russia has conflicts on the territory sovereignty of the North Islands, why do you think Russia recently turned hostile to Japan?
  • (North Korea's Nuclear Issuse)Will you be suprised on hearing Japanese politicians talking about owning nuclear weapons?
The host's main point seemed to ensure only one thing: Seek the protection from US.
After 50 years of protection under the shelter of US, backed up by strong economic power, Japan would like to step back onto the global political playground. However, this once "Empire of the Far East" has been away for too long a time. It still needs some rehearsal by walking hand in hand with Uncle Sam to learn how to stumble.

The host constantly used one word "intimidate", the Chinese using "Yasukuni-shrine Issue" to INTIMIDATE Japanese....
What the hell!??!!

Believe me that watching TV in Japan is the very last thing you would like to do on this planet. I only watch MTV and only when they do NOT speak Japanese.


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