Sunday, December 24, 2006

So Addicted to Hon-Atsugi

Hon-Atsugi is a small town located in Kanagawa Prefecture in the middle of Japan. It is actually the closest town to where I live. I came here for the very first time last Wednesday night with another VFP member to get mobile phone for yet another VFP member. Then it seems that I can’t stop coming out here: last Friday for Bonnangai; last Saturday for my cell phone, which is called KeiDai here; last Sunday for a cup of afternoon coffee and winter sun-shine in a small coffee shop at the street corner; this Wednesday night for a gathering with a bunch of strangers who I’ve bumped into on the internet; this Thursday night for dinner with Sandy Wang, who came all the way from down town Tokyo to be my Translator of the Leopalace worker.

I’m so addicted to this small town.


Anonymous Min & Ling said...

We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Yearh~~~

7:22 PM  

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